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Men and nature

Healthy and conscious living surrounded by beautiful nature

According to the philosophy of our mountain farm, we commit to the preservation of culture and environment. Sustainable action is always our top priority. This ranges from conscious and healthy nutrition to alternative energy supply. Electricity and hot water from the sun and the heat from the forest, thanks to the in-house photovoltaic system, the solar system and the biomass plant.

We buy the food we serve from local producers and retailers, the coffee is produced by the small organic roasting plant "Caroma" in Fiè. For the dairy products we lean on Milkon co-op (where we deliver our own milk), the meat is supplied by Milkon customer while we purchase the delicious fresh bread at our bakery in Tires.


Being lucky, to call one of the most untouched regions our home, we obviously support sustainable travelling.

We provide you the “mobilcard” at no charge for seven 7 days of your vacation!

For more information about the mobilcard please click here >>

E-mobility car

Consistently close to nature, we pay attention to the environment and rely on renewable energy. Recently, two Tesla charging stations have been installed on our farm. Both stations have a type 2 plug and are therefore suitable for the majority... more

E-mobility bike

Leave your car parked and contribute to preserve nature. We offer two e-mountain bikes fully to rent for effortless locomotion on site and in the Dolomites. more

Tradition and modern conveniences

A historic mountain farm like the Thalerhof can tell many stories. Each one of them makes the Thalerhof what it is today. Preserving traditions and traditional values while keeping up with the times is our utmost concern. more


Balanced, healthy regional diet, physical fitness and motion in the beautiful natural surroundings. Sustainable holidays and well-being, this is our vision for your holiday at the Thalerhof in South Tyrol. Our suggestion: Apple smoothie... more

Amidst nature

To spend the holidays in the midst of a unique nature. This is the feeling we would like to convey to our guests every day. Forests, mountains, meadows, breath-taking sunsets... right in front of and around our farm. The lust for holidays in... more


To holiday sustainably and draw from the power of nature. Every day we strive to act as sustainable as possible. Using and recycling our natural resources, investing where we can add value to the environment and humanity, this is an important part... more


We are constantly investing in the continuous improvement and expansion of our farm to provide our guests with additional wellness services. The focus is always on our unique landscape and untouched nature. more

Come and see; our Earth is so beautiful!
For those who travel with open eyes, it reveals its magic. It opens their horizon,
It helps them to discover the big things in the small ones,
The familiar in the unknown, the miracle in routine.
Come and see!
(Author unknown)

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