Bed & Breakfast amidst the Dolomites

The host family

Welcome at the Thalerhof, the home of hospitality, passion and love for the territory.

With put much passion in running our bed and breakfast. According to a long tradition, we live together with our parents and manage the mountain farm in the middle of the Dolomites for guests from all over the world. An ideal retreat from the dull routine of everyday life.

Peter and Lisi Robatscher and daughters


Combining tradition with modern comforts, being genuine and yet serving the modern trends and expectations of our guests. That's the special flair at the Thalerhof! As passionate climbers, mountaineers, adventurers and nature lovers, we know many summit tours and hiking trails and appreciate the miracles of the countryside. Only those who live what they offer their guests, can be good holiday and leisure consultants.

We draw the power from the mountains and we want to convey this feeling of life in the Dolomites to our guests.

Live, be free, adventure. "Feel free in the Dolomites".

We are very proud that our parents were awarded the South Tyrolean Mountain Farmers Award for special merit a few years ago. The award is a symbolic sign of public gratitude for the commitment to the farm-life, the care of the South Tyrolean landscape and the estimable dedication to the voluntary work in associations. It’s a sign that recognizes our attitude to the preservation of traditions and our sense for continuous development and sustainability.

Thalerhof – mountain farm with a flair


Start your day with a rich breakfast, take a hike in the nearby surroundings in the heart of the Dolomites, relax with a glass of wine, beer or juice on our lawn and end the evening in one of the nice inns in Tires.

However, if you only want a snack eating your own food in the evening, you can do so in our cosy lounge or conservatory. Plates, cutlery and glasses are at your disposal. We offer you a rich selection of drinks at a fair price.


More than sweating...

Our sauna is the perfect place to relax and review a fun-filled day in the Dolomites. Relax body and mind in our newly built natural sauna with breathtaking panoramic views. more

Jacoozi Whirlpool

Relax, Sun, Shadow, Marvel

Feel free to pamper yourself as you please. Our panorama Jacoozi in the outdoor area offers you the perfect relaxation after a strenuous day of hiking. The various massage functions, a water temperature of over 30° offer pure relaxation, the... more

relaxation room


Breakfast, conservatory and terrace

Just taking a break

Immerse yourself in the South Tyrolean mountains with plenty of peace, fresh air and sun! Let your spirit flow. Whether after an adventurous hiking, climbing or challenging bike day. In addition, our terrace is an ideal place to enjoy the deserved after-work drink in the setting sun.

Forest hiking & jogging

Sporty, romantic, nice

Holidays should be fun. If, instead of being a late riser, you prefer to go jogging in the early morning, you best can do it in the forest in front of our house, according to the motto "be free and enjoy nature". By the way, the running track of the Siusi Alp runs directly above our house.

Kneippism by the brook

Strengthen the circulation

Kneippism is hydrotherapy according to Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest born 1821 and one of the pioneers of the naturopathic medicine movement. It stimulates arterial circulation and perfusion. At the Thalerhof you can experience this treatment in the countryside in the nearby brook.

The barefoot path

Free your feet

Our barefoot path offers you special sensory impressions. A relaxing experience of a special kind. Walking on different materials is a pleasant foot massage.

Walking on the dew

Strengthening effect for young and old

The Kneipp therapy attributes the walk on the dew-soaked lawn a particularly healing effect against circulatory disorders in the initial stage, varicose veins and morning tiredness.

Start with warm feet running or walking for about 3-5 minutes in the dewy grass. Then put on warm socks and walk a while to warm your feet again. Walking on the dew in the morning is good for spirit and soul!

A unique location

Wonderful, relaxing, quiet

The Thalerhof is located at 1,130 m a.s.l. above the village of Tires at the Catinaccio. You can easily reach us by car via St. Zyprian. Our location is unique: not far from the village (10 minutes walk), with a view at the sunny valley of Tires and the mountain Monte Cavone or Tschafon, we offer you a quiet and relaxing holiday.

If you feel like having some time, you can assure yourself of the steepness of our meadows while making hay. Try it, but do not forget the good footwear. We are grateful for any help.

On our farm, we grow cows, calves, cats, rabbits and chickens. Please understand that for safety reasons, the access to agricultural buildings is allowed only in our presence.

Maybe the property owner will do a tour of the farm when he's not busy working on the farm. Just ask him!

Pictures say more than a thousand words


The name "Thalerhof" has its origin from the near small valley (“Tal” in German).

We own the farm since over 230 years. At that time, in the far 1786, Josef Robatscher had acquired the small farm Thalerhof from Josef Knollseisen.

Originally, the family lived in the small mill below the old farmhouse. The mill is still fully functional. Until the late sixties, the grain grown directly on the farm, was ground there regularly.

Incidentally, the 230 years are only a small part of our history. The hill called “Thalerbühl” was already inhabited in the Iron Age (circa 950 to 15 BC) by the Rhaetians. Finds prove this colonization history. Working on this steep hill with the scythe and then with the rake to make hay, you surely would curse it, because the work there has little to do with the love of nature. On the other hand, you feel the spirituality that radiates from this place, and remember that people have been comfortable at the Thalerhof for more than 3,000 years now.

Let this story affect you, or even better, become a part of it, we look forward to it.

Passion and tradition since 1786

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